Tatiana Totmianina about Maxim Marinin

     The pair - it is one task and one result. They are two people who are perceived as something uniform. They spend a lot of time together. And nevertheless, what do they know about each other?
  • His math's mark at school?

  • Likes brunettes or blondes?

  • His unloved element in figure skating?

  • What porridge is his favourite?

  • What does he present you on March 8th?
    The things I elicit.

  • What trade has he dreamed about in the childhood?
    The steelmaker.

  • His first phrase at acquaintance with a girl?
    Don't remember.

  • Whom he'll be when he's 40?
    The grumbler and the bore.

    "Figure Skating" (Russian), #1(3), January-March, 2002.
    Translated by Jenya

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