Interview with Tatiana Totmianina

  • If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be: Paris
    Paris, France

  • What book would you recommend to others?
    Davinci Code

  • If you opened my refrigerator, you would find:
    Yogurt and Chocolate

  • Tour Travel Tip: Vladimir Putin
    Take everything, the more you take the less you will buy.

  • Who in history would you most like to meet and why?
    Vladamir Putin. Good leader. Has done good things.

  • What is your motto?
    Enjoy every moment.

  • Favorite restaurant: Sushi
    Japanese style

  • Best advice from your parents:
    If you want a good life, you have to work very hard.

  • Philosophy on life:
    Enjoy every moment

  • Most memorable skating achievement: With mom
    Winning 2004 World Championships; October 24, 2004 when I woke up in the hospital and realized I was alive and ok.


  • I'm most proud of:
    Two world championship golds, 2004 and 2005

  • If I was not skating I would be:
    Rhythmic gymnast.

  • What advice would you give young pair-skaters? Rhythmic gymnastics
    Stay together as long as you can and you will get results.

  • Funniest sight on tour.

  • Favorite skating trick or move to perform and why?
    Bow, because it's over.

  • What animal would you keep as a pet if you could, but you can't? Cats

  • Next goal in skating:
    Olympic Games 2006

  • Next goal in life:
    To learn to live outside the figure skating world.

  • What car do you drive? "Mercedes"
    Mercedes C320

  • Best Elton John song - "Rocket Man" or "Benny and the Jets"?
    "Your Song", we skated to it.

  • What is the strangest thing about the US?
    Food - huge portions.

  • Favorite airport (and least favorite airport). China
    Favorite is Paris.

  • Should the US convert to the Metric system?

  • Where would you like to go that you haven't already been? (And what would you do there?)
    China and Taiwan, experience the culture

  • Are you a morning person or a night owl? Cheese Cake
    Somewhere in the middle.

  • Your favorite dessert: If it is something you make yourself, let's have the recipe.
    Cheese Cake

  • Person who has influenced your life the most.
    My Mom.


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