Read the Rules please and fill in the questionnaire!

        01 You must be a fan of Tatiana and Maxim.

        02 You can use your own name or a nickname. Do not use something like "Sk8tergirl", "Iluvmyself" or "Tanyamaximfan".

        03 You must have a valid e-mail address.

        04 A website is not required.

        05 Anyway, if you have a website and want your site listed with your other information, you must provide a link back to http://icestory.narod.ru. A text or image code must be on your splash page/fanlistings page.

        06 No racist, erotic o violent site. I won't ask you to change nothing in your site, but if I don't approve certain contents, I won't add the site.

        07 If your site is not in English or Russian, please explain how to find the code page. Do NOT give me the URL to the actual image (i.e. http://abcd.com/code.jpg).

        08 If you want to change something in your answers inform me!

        09 It's everything all right? So... Join!!!

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