Vasiliev has found a "highlight"

        Understanding, that is farther so cannot proceed, the coach has refused to work with Tatiana and Maxim. On the championship of Europe of 2001 Tania and Max have left one. Also have won there the first silver medal.

        To help pair the Olympic champion of 1984 in a pair figure skating Oleg Vasiliev was caused. In February Tatiana and Maxim have moved to Chicago. "Me has struck modesty of them, - recollects Vasiliev. - It was very difficult to find contact to them, to explain, that we together do a common cause. First time our dialogue was unilateral. For a month of our acquaintance I have heard from Tatiana no more than ten words".


        Oleg counted the main task not sharpening of technics, and search of the style, "highlight" which would distinguish this pair from the others.

        The life in America has done for figure skaters good. "Here quickly you study to be independent, - considers Vasiliev. - From Petersburg to me there have arrived two small children for whom all were solved by the coach and parents. And now it already two independent persons. Even such trifles as driving of the automobile, payment of accounts help to feel independent. And with confidence in itself at them relaxedness on ice" has appeared also.

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